Supporting the effective implementation of the reform defined under GoG strategy for Development of Education System 2017-2022 served as a main motivation for EPPM to renew its management, membership and expert’s pool. Watch-dogging the reform and making valuable recommendations requires increasing the capacity of the organization and engaging high and motivated professionals in the process. Georgia’s Association to Europe and the responsibilities taken under the association agreement puts the challenging tasks in front of the government. At the same time implementation of these responsibilities will create the real opportunity for moving to the next stage which is the path to EU membership.

We believe that participation of different stakeholders and society in general in monitoring and evaluation of the process of implementation of these intervention will make the process valuable and help GoG to produce desired results.

With these in mind EPPM reconsidered its scope of activities and refreshed its management structure, membership and bank of experts. With increased capacity   EPPM plans to undertake research and analytical works to assist implementers of reform in making relevant decisions. Developing the platform and facilitating the participation of different stakeholders in the watch-dogging process will produce the valuable results for the implementers that can be effectively utilized during policy decision making process.