International Institute for Education Policy Planning and Management (EPPM) implements projects and provides consultancy services to educational institutions through qualified experts. For this reason, EPPM maintains the bank of experts recruited, managed and evaluated according to the rules and procedures approved by the governing board of EPPM.

The rules, procedures and instructions for experts ‘requirement, operation, evaluation and development detailed in the document supports the delivery of the high quality services to the education institutions and other customers. It aims at:

  1. Selecting the relevant criteria and emplacing transparent procedures for experts recruitment
  2. Developing the capacity of experts and thus engaging qualified personnel in implementation of various programs by the Institute as well as maintaining the quality of services provided to education institutions
  3. Supporting the development of result oriented quality assurance system in line with rules, procedures and recommendations of European Standards and Guidelines (ESG)
  4. Delivering qualified expertise and analysis on the progress of implementation of Association Agreement agenda related to education

The bank of experts shall accommodate persons with wide specter of expertise covering different aspects and segments of education, including education institutions and their programs, education policy, planning and management.

The document defines qualification requirements for the experts operating in different subsystems of education and providing various services and consultancies. Separate conditions are defined for Student experts and Employers.

EPPM invites motivated candidates with the relevant qualification and experience to apply to the call for becoming the member of EPPM experts’ bank. The members of the bank shall have the opportunity to engage in projects implemented and services provided by the EPPM.

The information on qualification requirements for the candidates can be accessed through EPPM official website

Please send us your questions about the details of the call to or call 032 2234433