Within the frames of the project – “Association with European Union Policy and Practice: Lifelong learning for education system sustainable development” International Institute for Education Policy Planning and Management (EPPM) conducted workshops in Batumi State University and Zugdidi State University.

University students of different faculties and academic personnel participated in the workshops. The goal of the workshop was to raise awareness of students towards responsibilities taken by the state under Association Agreement in the field of education and human capital development and its expected benefits. Specifically, the focus was made on results of implementing Association Agreement responsibilities towards Lifelong education. The mechanisms for civil society engagement in the implementation process were discussed and participatory advocacy process planned.

The cooperation agreements between universities and EPPM was signed that in turn included support for facilitating academic research in the fields of education and human capital development as envisaged by the Association Agreement.

The relevance of the implementation of European Parliament recommendations for the alignment with European Policy and Practice in the field of education and training were one of the core topics of the workshops. The discussion was made on the expected results and impacts of implementation on the economic and education spheres.

The project is supported by Open Society – Georgia.

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