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    The International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management (EPPM) is a leading nongovernmental organization in the region operating in education sector. EPPM was established in 2002 by the pool of education policy experts and researchers out of the pressing need for genuine democratic education reforms. It is the first independent policy institute to focus primarily on education policies developed and implemented in Georgia. EPPM seeks to improve education through research, policy analysis, and the development of responsible alternatives to existing policies and practices.


    EPPM is an organization for democratic changes in education, committed to solving existing problems through public dialogue and civic participation in important issues facing the educational system. Its goal is to serve as a resource for the public and legislators, education stakeholders, including high education and VET institution’s personal, school boards and administrators, parents and students as they work to shape the education system according to the principles and values of a democratic and open society.


    To ensure the development of education system in the country, in order to support the process of formation of competitive human capital, the Institute is operating in two directions:

    • Elaboration of evidence-based recommendations to the attention of the Governmental and legislative bodies, international organizations, trough assessment, research and analyses of existing policies; preparation of legislative initiatives and presentation to the Parliament.
    • Elaboration of evidence-based recommendations and strategies to support formation of the state’s perspective policies; support and advocate the implementation and institutionalisation of such policies; support in mobilisation and involvement of civil society in the process of education reforms.


    The target segments of the Institute are all levels of education sector, both in formal and informal education. With the pool of high-qualified international and national experts the Institute implemented perspective projects and programs.



    • Highly qualified and professional core team of members, coordinators, and directors, who now constitute the EPPM team.
    • Pool of experienced and qualified experts capable to operate in every level and segment of education sector covering every single and crosscutting themes.
    • Group of associates and volunteers.
    • Partner international and national organizations
    • Pool of trainers and consultants



    EPPM is a member of international, regional (Caucasus region) and national networks of similar organizations:

    • Member of the Network of Education Policy Centres (NEPC)
    • Member of the “Prometheus” network
    • Member of coalition “Education for All- Georgia”





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